Flooring in London, Kent and Surrey

If you’re looking to get new flooring in your home, trust Vogue Contractors Ltd to do the work. They’re experienced in all aspects of flooring installations and home renovations in both domestic and commercial properties so no matter how big or small the job, they’ve got you covered.


Looking to get new carpets supplied and installed? Choose us to lay your new flooring and we will get the job done right. A new carpet can transform your home as well as add comfort and warmth, giving a very welcoming feel to any room. We can fit it to high standards leaving you thrilled with the results and new look of your room. We can also supply carpets for offices and more commercial buildings.

Wooden Flooring

If you’re looking for wooden flooring for your home or a commercial property, contact Vogue Contactors Ltd. Our wood flooring is amazing quality and comes in a variety of types to suit what you prefer and your budget. Wooden flooring is very easy to clean and long lasting. Even if you’re flooring gets damaged or scratched, we also offer a great value floor sanding service so you won’t need to replace the whole thing.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is also a popular choice among both domestic and commercial customers. Vinyl is perfect if you’re looking to save yourself money, and it’s not only for kitchens and bathrooms like a lot of people think. Being easy to clean and very resistant to scratches and stains. It comes in various styles from tile to wood effects so can fit into any environment and room.

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